Theme 5 - Functional Materials

Lead: Prof Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern)

This Theme will explore new functional materials at the ultimate scale. Molecular sized material components, such as metal organic frameworks (MOFs), will be incorporated resulting in ultimate porosity and the smallest functional units possible. Research will include new synthetic molecules that can perform switching, memory and sensing functions for low dissipation and variability as well as for energy storage.  This theme will be important to Theme 1 as it will be able to provide non-volatile molecular switching elements along with Theme 2, complementing the fundamental limit studies of the switching and sensing mechanisms.  Other atomic (and molecular) layer (multi-layer) materials and devices will also be proposed.  Studies in contacts and molecular surroundings are key and will be emphasized in the context of MOFs together with careful control of CNT chirality, among others. A strong collaboration of theory and experiments with chemists and device physicists has been the tradition of this Center and will be a forte of the new FENA Center.  Tasks include organic reticular geometries and characterization of core-shell nanowires.

The Principal Investigators contributing to this theme include (click to view bio):